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July 18 - August 18

The situation at the shelter is becoming dire. Diana and the dogs are struggling to cope with the overcrowding. We’ve had to start putting puppies in with the cats which is not comfortable for them. And the noise is constant. We desperately ask everyone to please help alleviate the situation by fostering or adopting those listed on our Meet Our Dogs page (

For more context: when Diana founded AEA Bethlehem in 2014, there was no physical shelter. Instead Diana would rent space for rescued dogs in groups of 5-6.

When there were 3 such rented places, and rescue cases continued to come, Diana moved the dogs and organized a shelter in her brother's house (watch the video). There she kept about 40 rescued dogs. Diana took care of them by herself as well, she fed them and cleaned up after them. She also continued to go to catch wounded and sick animals from the streets.

So two years passed and in 2016, when the current shelter was built, Diana moved the dogs there and continued her activities. Today, we have 90 dogs and 40 cats in our shelter, who are cared for full-time by Mustafa and one extra worker for few days a month, they are only ones who receive a salary in our association.

We are trying our best to find loving homes for the residents of our shelter, thereby making these animals happy and making room for new dogs and cats rescued from the streets of the West Bank.

One of our goals is to build a bigger shelter, with a green planted area for walking the dogs and more space for the animals to live. And the current shelter we want to use for spaying, neutering and temporary rehabilitation of animals after operations.

To help us in this endeavour please donate:



In mid-July large-scale poisoning was conducted in the municipality of Ramallah, killing dozens of stray cats and dogs as well as some beloved pets. Diana contascted the municipality who were not aware of this and promised to open an investigation.

We encourage our followers to follow up by emailing the Ramallah Municipality and asking how the investigation is coming along, so that they know that people beyond their local area are aware of the situation:


In late July Diana was approached by a girl from Toubas who takes care of this street dog. The dog gave birth to 7 puppies and it was a problem for the family to keep so many dogs.

We agreed with the girl that we will pay for the sterilization of the dog, and she will pay for vaccinations, deworming and anti-fleas. The girl took the dog to Royal Care Vet HOSPITAL, where the dog and her puppies were spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and given anti fleas.

The girl (now owner) decided to distribute the puppies herself.

This is just one of the many ways Diana engages with her local community, empowering people to help take care of God’s creatures.


The talented students of the Bethlehem University - جامعة بيت لحم made this beautiful short film about the animals we rescue that perfectly conveys their plight.

Special thanks to: Georgette Maskobi, Muhammad Salah, Yasin Musa and Mr. Ramzi Asali.


The California-based Network for Animals have notified via Facebook that five cats from the Bethlehem Shelter (Bello, Zara, Atari, Sassi and Carlo) have arrived safely at ‘The Cat House on the Kings,’ NFA’s no-kill, no-cage sanctuary. We hope that they will find their forever homes soon. Visit their website for more information:


AEA Bethlehem is very grateful to Stichting Dierenhulp for their generous financial support, thanks to which we were able to start a program for spaying dogs and cats in Bethlehem and the surrounding area, as well as pay veterinary bills.

We appreciate the trust and assistance given to us and are glad for such a fruitful cooperation.


Flight volunteers needed

If you are traveling from Tel Aviv to one of the locations below and would like to accompany one/two of our dogs or cats to their new home, please contact us on WhatsApp


Additional costs and documentation will be handled by us. All you have to do is add a dog/cat to your ticket and be on the same flight with him.

1. Toronto/Vancouver, Canada

2. New York/Portland, USA

3. Huntsville/Memphis/New Orleans/Atlanta/Nashville/Jackson, USA

4. Germany/Holland/Denmark


ALVIN needs a flight volunteer to Switzerland

Alvin pretty much had bad luck since he was born. Found dumped in a ditch as a tiny helpless puppy, stuck at the shelter for a year before he was finally fostered - only to have to be rehomed urgently after only a couple of weeks because his foster unexpectedly had to move. Made his way to a new foster and… got sick right away. Alvin was at the vet for a few days while we tried (and failed) to find another foster home for him, but we had to bring him back to the shelter. Finally, Alvin’s bad luck has run out as he has found his forever home. We only need someone to take him there.


Our shelter needs volunteers:

1. To walk the dogs, which will diversify their long days at the shelter.

2. To take good photos of the dogs and cats for adoption, which will increase their chances of finding a homes.

3. Foster homes for adult dogs or puppies, which will help them socialize and facilitate the adaptation of adoption.

If you are interested, please contact us on WhatsApp to arrange a visit.


Shout-out to our dedicated volunteer, Danny, pictured here with Morris!


One of our dog-walker volunteers, Lisa, wrote a heartfelt Facebook post about our saddest long-term shelter dog, Tiger:

‘I met Tiger at the AEA Bethlehem Shelter, where volunteers were helping walk the dogs. I was told that Tiger is 5 years old and was once a shepherd dog. When we stepped out of the dark and noisy kennel, he seemed nervous. And a little bit sad. He didn't look at me at all, even when I took his leash and started walking with him.

However, after just 10 minutes of being outside, he was like a different dog. He relaxed and his body language became peaceful and happy. He rolled over at my feet so that I could rub his belly. At one point, he forgot to be a dignified shepherd and leapt with joy through the grass and bushes.

I feel like I was privileged to meet the real Tiger, as he was meant to be. I could picture him running free through the hills, a natural part of the landscape.

In the shelter, he is kept by himself because he won't eat when he is together with the other dogs. It was really sad returning him, knowing that it would probably be awhile before he had such a long walk again because of how short-staffed the shelter is.’

We thank Lisa and all of the other volunteers who visit the shelter dogs to provide much-needed exercise and company.


One by one, the dogs receive their cool and fresh baths, until a chorus of wet fur and wagging tails fills the air!

We thank Saed for his help and devotion to the dogs


Great news! Last year we rescued Handsome the young dog from Hebron who was hit by a car and left on the road. A kind person saw a wounded dog and called us for help. Our volunteer took Handsome to the hospital in Beit Daggan, where he underwent two surgeries, sponsored by a local association that didn't remain indifferent to the suffering of the poor dog. And finally now Handsome found a loving family and was adopted! 😍We wish you, dear Handsome, long and happy years in a loving home with your new family!


Ramallah Friends School organized activities of creative projects that the students can do. Amar Nour is a student in the 10th grade in this school and she is interested in the crystals and stones of the West Bank, and also she is an animal lover!

Amar prepared her project consisting of the stones, and its origin in addition to book marks consisting of our shelter information attached with flyers of our association! The income Amar got from selling the book marks and the work she did, she donated to our shelter!

We thank so much Amar Nour, the amazing young girl, who combined her interests, talents and love and created a wonderful and unusual project that gave joy to people, as well as help to the animals of our shelter.

We are very touched by Amar's merciful act and express our respect and gratitude to her parents who encouraged Amar. We also thank @ramallahfriendsschool for this opportunity.

Please follow the link to Amar's page:


Haya Taha from Jericho, passing by the junkyard, heard the cry of 8 nursing puppies without their mother and she took them to her home. Unfortunately one puppy died and Haya tried to find help in Facebook groups, but no one helped, just recommended to contact us.

Then Haya called us and we, with the help of our volunteers and friends, found a foster home and transported the 7 nursing puppies to the north. All pups have since found their forever homes.


Freya has found a home in Germany

Diana rescued Freya from the hands of a thief who stole her and tried to sell her. We have long but unsuccessfully searched for the owners of Freya, but she wasn't chipped.

Then we, in collaboration with a German Association, transported Freya to Germany. There it turned out that poor Freya had tumors in the womb. She had operation, received special medications and after period of recovery, she finally found a loving home.


Joshi is thriving in his forever home with Nina in Germany. Joshi and Nina travel and hike together. They visited Norway and Slovenia, as well as a ski resort, but Joshi preferred his paws to skis.

__________________________________________________________________________________Zoei needs a new home

Zoei is 2,5 years old, around 25 kgs and was adopted as a puppy. Due to a change of personal circumstances, her family can no longer keep her.

This is what they say say about her:

“Zoei can stay at home alone. She is active, friendly with everyone including children, and she gets along very well with other dogs. However, she also appreciates having her own space. Zoei is very smart, curious, and enjoys playing with toys. The perfect family for Zoei would be active, possibly with or without children, and providing her with the attention and playtime she needs. Another dog in the family could be a great fit, considering her good compatibility with other dogs.”

Do you think you could be the perfect fit? Please be in touch!

__________________________________________________________________________________Angel was found by a compassionate couple near their workplace, her piercing cries revealing the pain of a broken leg. Without hesitation, they scooped her up and reached out to us.

Angel's journey to healing began when they took her to a local vet, but unfortunately, her leg couldn't be mended there and needed difficult surgery. We rallied together and our dedicated volunteer, Danny, stepped in and transported Angel to a vet hospital near Gedera, where a team of skilled vets will operate her leg.

We thank a local association graciously agreed to help and sponsor Angel's operation. It's these acts of kindness that make the world a better place, and we are deeply grateful for every hand extended to help Angel on her road to recovery.


Meet Yoda and Boba, two adorable siblings who were rescued from the streets of Bethlehem by our kind-hearted Dutch friend, Shannon. Shannon has a heart of gold and has rescued numerous cats, bringing them to her home in Holland.

What makes this story even more special is the bond between Yoda and Boba, who are inseparable. They've been through thick and thin together and are about to start a new chapter of their lives thanks to Shannon's German friend, Bill Martin. Bill is stepping up to adopt this adorable duo, giving them a forever home filled with love and care.

These amazing cats spent a month in a pension while we worked tirelessly to find them a flight volunteer. A huge shoutout to Ayelet Landau and Amir Engel for being the flight volunteers who made it possible for Yoda and Boba to embark on their journey to their new home. Special thanks also go to Flor Kusnir for her dedicated effort in finding the flight volunteer, Ayelet.

Let's all wish Yoda, Boba, and their new family all the happiness in the world as they begin this beautiful chapter together.


Buddy is a young donkey, that was dumped alone in the mountains near Al Rabaiah, children used to beat him hard, until a merciful person and our friend called us and told about him.

So we went there with Omar who has a special lorry for donkeys and rescued little Buddy. He spent couple of days with a person who found him until we arranged his moving to a sanctuary for rescued donkeys. Now he is safe there and gets good care.


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