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🐾 Meet Aiden: Your Gentle and Shy Companion! 🌟


Aiden, a pup born in May 2022 near our shelter, embarked on a journey with his siblings Abbott and Alvina that led them to us. With a medium-sized frame, Aiden is a gentle soul ready to find his forever home.

Aiden's shyness adds to his unique charm, and he's remarkably compatible with both animals and people. All his vaccinations are up-to-date, and he's been neutered and microchipped, all in preparation for his new adventure.

Here's the exciting part – Aiden is available for adoption abroad! If you're prepared to offer a patient and loving home, please reach out at +972-595-22-1771. Be the one to grant Aiden the chance he so rightly deserves to blossom in the warmth of a forever family. 🏡🌍🐾❤️

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