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Axel, born in February 2022, is a medium-sized pup with a playful heart. His story began when he was found alone as a small puppy and brought to our shelter. Since then, Axel has blossomed into a friendly and vibrant companion.

Axel's charming nature is undeniable, especially in his boundless playfulness. His good looks are only matched by his gentle and loving demeanor. With vaccinations completed, being neutered, and a microchip in place, he's all set for his forever home.

What's more, Axel is available for international adoption! If you're anywhere in the world and seeking a loyal and utterly adorable addition to your family, look no further! Consider welcoming Axel into your life and making him a cherished part of your world. Don't hesitate to reach out at +972-595-22-1771 to bring Axel home. 🏡🌍🐾❤️

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