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FREYA This beautiful girl is 2 years old. We rescued her 2 months ago when she was attacked by dogs and was bleeding profusely. She is now treated, fixed, chipped and vaccinated. She’s very friendly and loves to go on walks!


Freya was found bleeding heavily from her face and legs. She was abandoned by her abusive owner and was wondering around the home of friend of the shelter, Micheline Murcos. When Freya entered her yard, Micheline called Diana. Diana arrived then called the vet Dr. Layan Al Taweel who administered first aid then took Freya to her home for 2 days.

Freya had suffered a brutal beating to her face, nose and legs and was riddled with ticks and fleas. She received treatment for parasites and for her wounds the treatment is ongoing. She will stay at the shelter until she has recovered and is ready for a foster or forever home.

Thank you to Dr. Al Taweel and Micheline and her family for their help in rescuing Freya.



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