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🐾 Meet Joselle: A Survivor with a Heart Full of Love

Introducing Joselle, a courageous canine born in May 2021. Joselle's remarkable journey to happiness began when she was rescued last year. At that time, she was facing a dire situation with a plastic jar stuck on her head for a week during the scorching July weather.

Despite her initial struggles and fear, Joselle's transformation has been nothing short of incredible. She's been fixed, vaccinated, and chipped, ensuring her health and safety. Joselle has put her past behind her, blossoming into a friendly, playful, and happy dog. Her heart is now full of love and a desire to find a forever family.

Joselle's story is a testament to the resilience and capacity for love that dogs possess. Her journey has taken her from a place of fear and aggression to one of trust and affection. Whether you're located locally or abroad, Joselle is eager to share her newfound joy and affection with a loving family.

If you're ready to provide Joselle with the secure and loving home she deserves, please reach out at +972-595-221771

Your willingness to give her a second chance at happiness is truly commendable. 🏡🐶❤️

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