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🐾 Meet Reed: Your Future Furry Friend

Are you searching for a calm, gentle, and all-around wonderful companion? Look no further, because Reed fits the bill!

Born in February 2022, Reed had a tough start in life, having been abandoned alongside his siblings on a highway. Despite this, he's retained his serene disposition and love for people, dogs, and even cats. Reed is a mellow, easy-going dog who thrives on love and companionship.

Having been vaccinated, chipped, and fixed, Reed is all geared up to find his forever family and make your home complete. He's a medium-sized dog, making him adaptable to various living situations.

If you're ready to welcome a serene, loving presence into your life, Reed is eager to meet you! Please get in touch at +972595221771 and let Reed bring joy and contentment into your home. 🏡🐕❤️

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