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🐕 Xena: A Survivor's Tale of Resilience


Meet Xena, a courageous soul born on May 3, 2022. Her story began with an uncertain start when she and her fellow puppies were left near our shelter. In a twist of fate, July brought a challenge, as she faced a health scare during an operation. Bleeding and in need of care, Xena's strength shone through, and with dedicated foster care, medicine, and nurturing, she triumphed over adversity.

With a strong will to live and a spirit that refuses to be held back, Xena is a true survivor. Her resilience speaks volumes about her character, making her an exceptional candidate for a loving home. If you're seeking a companion who embodies strength and determination, consider welcoming Xena into your life.

Xena's journey knows no boundaries, and she's open to finding her forever home both locally and abroad. If you're ready to provide Xena with the love and security she deserves, reach out at +972595221771 and join her on this remarkable journey. 🏡🐾❤️

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