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Male, 6-7 years old, Plott Hound mix, adoption under contract, available for international adoption, currently located in Bethlehem.~

Our hearts break! Tiger returned to the cage last Friday.

The first time he entered the cage he stayed for 4 years, pacing his cell. He had been rescued from an abusive home where he lost his ear.

18 months ago a kind soul from Tel Aviv offered to foster Tiger. Tiger was wary at first as he had never been inside a proper home before. But once he realised that he was safe, Tiger transformed into a big puppy- making up for the puppyhood he never had.

Unfortunately we were unable to find him a forever home. So when his foster was no longer able to look after him there was nowhere else for him to go.

Now Tiger is alone in his cage, sad and confused. All the love he has to give is once again going to waste because nobody wants to adopt a big dog.

Please help us find Tiger a new home, temporary or permanent. We can facilitate international adoption to Europe or North America- anything to get him out of the cage.

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