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December Summary

Updated: Feb 5

As the situation in Gaza continues into the New Year, we wish to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of our friend, Saeed al-Err of Sulala Animal Rescue. Despite the carnage, shortages and suffering, Saeed and his volunteers remain dedicated to rescuing the dogs, cats and donkeys of Gaza.

You can donate to Sulala Animal Rescue via Animals Australia.

Follow Saeed's efforts on IG: sulalaanimalrescue


Meet Honey. Her journey began when a compassionate friend from Jericho rescued her after she was hit by a car. This left her with a broken leg.


Tragically, the car belonged to an individual associated with the hospital, known for asking the municipality to use poison on dogs and cats in the area. We've previously rescued numerous dogs from this region.


Honey underwent a pin transplantation surgery at the vet hospital, and we're delighted to share that she is now on the path to recovery, gaining strength each day.


We extend our gratitude to the association that sponsored Honey's treatment; your support is truly appreciated.



About two weeks ago, we, alongside the incredible team of, rescued three dogs from a distressing situation.

The white dog endured severe eye damage after being beaten with a stone by a boy, and the brown dog suffered head injuries from a similar act. Luckily, the black one was spared from physical harm, thanks to the timely intervention.

Fortunately the white dog's eye was saved, despite our fears and concerns, and the brown one received excellent veterinary care for the head wound. Now, all three dogs are in foster care, and we are overjoyed for them.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to help these precious dogs, saving their health and enhancing their lives!


__________________________________________________________________________________ also conducted an interview with Diana about her work:


A courageous puppy, discovered limping alongside siblings and their mother, captured our hearts.

We rushed him to our vet, who diagnosed a broken leg through X-rays. Gratefully, a compassionate friend stepped in to sponsor his treatment. Kudos to our dedicated volunteers, Danny and Tammy, who drove him to the vet hospital in the center where he's now receiving care.

Thanks to all who joined hands to save this resilient puppy!



Recently, we rescued 6 puppies from an unsafe location without a safe place to sleep. They were at high risk of being hit by a car.

Additionally, we rescued another 6 puppies from a horrendous place where a local worker is known to lay poison. Some 20 other dogs have tragically succumbed to this fate.

After providing essential vet care, we prepared these puppies and sent them to a safe haven in the northern area, ensuring they now enjoy comfort, safety, and warmth. Soon, these adorable little angels will be available for adoption.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped and took part in rescuing these precious souls.


International Adoptions

Ronny spent 5 years in our shelter, rescued at only 3 months, until a Canadian family embraced him. He was a bit timid but now he revels in love, cuddles, and his own bed, surrounded by a family of humans and dogs!

There are 10 other dogs who've dreamt for over 5 years in our shelter, still waiting for a loving family and forever home. We hope their luck turns around like it did for Ronnie.

Meet Smitos. His owner, Aseel from Bethlehem, struggled to send him to the USA through Jordan where dogs couldn't pass. In just 3 days, Diana, our amazing manager, found a flight volunteer, arranged paperwork, and provided food, a dish, and blankets.

The flight volunteer, supported by a contribution from Aseel, took great care of Smitos. He safely reunited with his owner in the USA.

Knowing Smitos is happily home is our ultimate reward!

Zeina found her forever home in Germany!

Enzo found his forever home in Canada!

And Batata made it to his forever home in Canada after months spent waiting for a flight volunteer. Heartfelt thanks to Canadian Association volunteer Karri Ann, Josh, Rachel, and Tamar and Rob for making this happen. Wishing our beloved Batata a good and happy life in Canada.


We sincerely thank our donors for allowing Diana to continue rescuing the forgotten creatures of the West Bank. These are just some of the rescue stories from the past month.

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