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Help lobby to bring food to the animals of Gaza

The shortage of pet and animal food in Gaza has become desperate. Our friend Saeed of Sulala Animal Shelter is appealing to everyone and anyone to write to UN, other NGOs and politicians to apply pressure on Israel to allow the delivery of animal food into Gaza. We ask you, dear followers, to heed Saeed's call.

We have endeavoured to make this as fast and easy a process for you as possible. Simply copy/paste the relevant email addresses and letter to send from your personal email account.

Thank you.


*We recommend including the emails of your local politicians and councilmen


To whom this may concern,

I trust this letter finds you well amid these challenging times. I write on behalf of the Sulala Society for Animal Care in Gaza, the only animal protection organization in the Gaza Strip.

More than money, or anything else, we need for animal food to be allowed to cross the border and enter Gaza.

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, animals are facing dire conditions. The truce has allowed for aid to enter, yet the crucial issue of animal welfare remains overlooked. Cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, and birds are suffering due to the scarcity of food and shelter.

Working horses and donkeys, due to the lack of fuel are now essential for transportation, lack sufficient food, compounding their misery. On behalf of Sulala Society for Animal Care, we urgently seek assistance in facilitating the entry of essential animal aid into Gaza. Specifically, we request:

1.    Cat and dog food (dry and canned)

2.    Veterinary medicine supplies, focusing on anti-parasite medication

3.    Food for donkeys, horses, and birds

Addressing the plight of these animals is a humanitarian imperative, contributing not only to their well-being but also to the overall welfare of the community. Animal welfare is intrinsic to human welfare in Gaza, as animals often serve as sources of livelihood and companionship during these traumatic times.

Given the scale of need, we propose sending multiple trucks to ensure aid reaches the millions of animals in Gaza. Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact our donor organization, Animals Australia, at They are willing to cover the costs of aid delivery.

We appreciate your consideration and urgently seek your support in directing this appeal to the appropriate channels within your organization. Your advocacy will significantly impact the well-being of these vulnerable animals.

Thank you for your understanding and anticipated assistance.


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