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January Summary

Happy New Year Everyone. Before I update you on our rescues and activities for the past month I must highlight that there are now over 100 dogs at the shelter.

Despite all our efforts on social media to show our dogs and find good homes for them, no one, absolutely not a single person, has contacted us and shown interest in adopting our wonderful dogs!

We are upset and worried, we want a better life for the shelter dogs and for this we need your help!

Adopt, share, help the dogs leave the shelter and find happiness and stability in a loving home!

We can arrange for international adoptions to Europe and North America.


Speaking of long-term shelter residents, this year will be Tiger's 7th year at the shelter. He was an older pup when he arrived in 2017, having been rescued from an abusive home with an ear missing and a stab wound in his back. Tiger is such a lovely dog! Please consider adopting him!

Here is our latest video about Tiger:


This poor cat was found on the streets of Ramallah. Aya, a young lady with a big heart picked up the cat from the street and called us immediately.

We covered veterinary care and the cat underwent eye removal surgery at a vet clinic. After the surgery and treatment the cat received, Aya adopted him and will take care of him.

Our deepest gratitude to Aya, a wonderful and inspiring young lady.

(GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: animal injury, infection)


Meet Shamina!

Diana, was driving past a landfill when she noticed a 6-month-old female puppy, just as a kind man brought her the remains of his food.

Without hesitation, Diana took Shamina from the trash heap and took her to the vet, where this charming girl received her first vaccination and deworming.

Shamina's good luck streak continued when she avoided having to go to the shelter: she went straight from the clinic to a foster home where she is now thriving. She especially loves to nap with her feline foster sibling.

Shamina still needs to find her forever home. She can be adopted internationally to Europe and North America.


In a dire situation in Al Khader, a compassionate soul named Ahmad Issa discovered a mother dog and her puppies living in distress. One puppy, facing a dislocated shoulder and pain, cried out for help. Ahmad, alongside his sister Dina and cousin Hiba, became the guardian angels for this struggling family until we arrived to rescue them.

The mother and her puppies received vaccinations, flea treatment, and found a safe haven in a foster home. The puppy with the dislocated shoulder is undergoing veterinary care, currently in a safe environment to aid recovery. They are now in a foster home under the care of a local Association.

A heartfelt thank you to Ahmad, Dina, and Hiba for their kindness and compassion. Their selfless efforts embody the spirit of volunteerism for the sake of these helpless animals.


Al Khader is a smaller town just outside of Bethlehem where many of our dogs and cats at the shelter come from. This recent video demonstrates how tough life is in Al Khader for its numerous strays.


In Memory of Christal

This is Christal's story, a dog in desperate need. Hit by a car months ago, she crawled in search of food with fractured and twisted legs. Despite efforts to save her, the injuries were severe. We collaborated with vet clinics and associations to provide care, but sadly, Christal's suffering was too much and she crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.

The prayers, and efforts to save her were not in vain. Christal knew kindness in her final days. Let's remember her gentle spirit and continue working together to help others in need.

(GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: animal cruelty, neglect, extreme injury, death)


To conclude this month's blog entry we at the Bethlehem Shelter would like to acknowledge Sa'eed al-Err and everyone else at Sulala Animal Rescue. Today marks the 117th day since the Gaza Conflict began. Sulala Animal Rescue continue to operate despite evacuating south, only able to take the disabled dogs with them, they had no choice but to leave the rest behind. However, a total of 3 dogs have managed to leave the shelter on their own and found Sa'eed (founder/manager) weeks after the evacuation. 2 arrived traumatised, skinny and with infected wounds from neutering operations done right before the evacuation.

The majority of Gaza has evacuated to Rafah but Sa'eed was unable to find anywhere that could accommodate him and his large brood. He has found a place in a more central location where he continues to take on injured strays caught in the crossfire.

Sulala ran out of pet- kibble and canned food weeks ago and have resorted to feeding them canned chicken and beans. Sa'eed travels each day to the Egyptian border in case it's opened and their food shipment is allowed to enter Gaza.

Sulula has provided the following contact list and sample letter for helping in their letter-writing campaign to lobby for the entry of pet food shipments:

We recommend including the emails of your local politicians and councilmen


To whom this may concern,

I trust this letter finds you well amid these challenging times. I write on behalf of the Sulala Society for Animal Care in Gaza, the only animal protection organization in the Gaza Strip.

More than money, or anything else, we need for animal food to be allowed to cross the border and enter Gaza.

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, animals are facing dire conditions. The truce has allowed for aid to enter, yet the crucial issue of animal welfare remains overlooked. Cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, and birds are suffering due to the scarcity of food and shelter.

Working horses and donkeys, due to the lack of fuel are now essential for transportation, lack sufficient food, compounding their misery. On behalf of Sulala Society for Animal Care, we urgently seek assistance in facilitating the entry of essential animal aid into Gaza. Specifically, we request:

1.    Cat and dog food (dry and canned)

2.    Veterinary medicine supplies, focusing on anti-parasite medication

3.    Food for donkeys, horses, and birds

Addressing the plight of these animals is a humanitarian imperative, contributing not only to their well-being but also to the overall welfare of the community. Animal welfare is intrinsic to human welfare in Gaza, as animals often serve as sources of livelihood and companionship during these traumatic times.

Given the scale of need, we propose sending multiple trucks to ensure aid reaches the millions of animals in Gaza. Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact our donor organization, Animals Australia, at They are willing to cover the costs of aid delivery.

We appreciate your consideration and urgently seek your support in directing this appeal to the appropriate channels within your organization. Your advocacy will significantly impact the well-being of these vulnerable animals.

Thank you for your understanding and anticipated assistance.



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