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November Summary

November was another busy month for the Bethlehem Shelter. Diana and her dedicated volunteers rescued a total of 36 puppies and 3 mothers. Thanks to your generous donations we were able to provide medical care, de-worming and de-flea treatment and transport to foster homes.

Unfortunately the cold weather does not seem to make a difference to Bethlehem’s stray puppy population. And the cost for medical care, treatments and transport are very high. The transport alone for a mother and her 7 puppies cost 700nis. Please consider donating to ensure more rescues like these through December. Your generosity makes a world of difference.


On 2 November, during a feeding trip of stray dogs of Bethlehem and its surrounding areas, Diana and her volunteers discovered two canine families in desperate need. Two poor mother dogs, along with their 10 little puppies, were found infested with ticks and fleas, malnourished, and struggling to survive by scavenging in the garbage.

These two families were rushed to the vet, where they received essential treatment for fleas, ticks, and worms. Also we gave them a bath and brought to our shelter for safety and care.

We then organized transportation to a secure dog pension, thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted individuals who offered their assistance. There, both the puppies and their mothers were prepared for adoption, giving them a chance at a brighter future.

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One week later, our dedicated volunteer Danny discovered these precious puppies all alone on the streets. He immediately provided them shelter and care in his home before they found their way to our shelter. Here, they received thorough cleaning and comforting baths to ensure their well-being. The next day, thanks to Danny and the efforts of our team, these little ones received a check-up at the clinic.


5 days later, we received a call about a female dog and her 7 puppies. A compassionate family was looking out for them, providing food and safety. We swiftly stepped in, bringing them to the shelter. The mother received vaccinations, and the puppies were bathed and treated for fleas.

While the mother may be a bit wary, we managed to win her trust with gentle care.

A kind man offered his pension, as the Bethlehem Shelter is too overcrowded. They are now safe and surrounded by love. Their past was filled with misery, but today, they have families dedicated to caring for them.

A week after that, a friend of Diana’s discovered 10 helpless puppies in a desolate, cold place in Ramallah, fully exposed to the rain. Heartless neighbours considered poisoning them. These fragile pups are no more than a month old.

Diana swiftly organised to help our friend to rescue them. A taxi was dispatched from Bethlehem to Ramallah, bringing the puppies to the safety of our shelter. They stayed with us until transportation to foster homes was organised a few days later thanks to the help of our volunteers on the ground. Now, in the loving care of fosters, these puppies are receiving the attention they deserve.

That same week, Mohammad Ayyad discovered five nursing puppies next to their deceased mother. With one puppy lost, Mohammad reached out for guidance on caring for them.

Our team stepped in, finding a foster in the North. Despite the challenges, Danny and Tammy ensured a safe journey for these little survivors. Tragically, two angels gained their wings, but two resilient souls now thrive in the loving care of their new foster.

The month ended with eleven tiny pups, just 40 days old, struggling under their malnourished mother. Urgently needing a home, we secured the same foster in the North.

Thanks to Danny and Tammy's support, most made it to safety. Sadly, one didn't survive the journey. Another needed hospitalization. And to another weak puppy Tammy provided special care but . The rest are now with a foster who had previously took from us the nursing mother, that feeds the puppies, ensuring they receive the love and nourishment they deserve. The malnourished mother stayed behind at the shelter.


We recently rescued a dog in need, and our local vet's examination revealed the extent of his injuries—both a broken leg and a broken hip. It was clear that he needed specialized care.

With great care and determination, we transported the dog to an orthopedic vet specialist in Ramat Gan, where he will receive the essential treatment he deserves. We're immensely grateful to a local association that generously agreed to cover the expenses, making this journey to healing possible.


We encountered a cat in a precarious situation, perched high in a tree and too afraid to come down. With the valuable assistance of the civil defense, we were able to rescue this cat.

After rescuing the cat, we provided food and water and brought him to the vet for necessary care, neutering and vaccinations.

We thank the Civil Defense and the Bethlehem community-members who enabled this rescue.


Explore the recent updates to our cat space. New large carpets have been introduced for our cats to sit and relax. Additionally, a donated kennel now serves our cats. Tires have been cleaned and hung for cats to sit, climb, and play. Extra cushions and mattresses have been provided for their comfort, allowing them to lay and sleep peacefully.


As winter approaches, we're working diligently to ensure our shelter is warm and comfortable for our dogs. This includes repairing fences, cementing cracks, and laying carpets for our puppies.

To make this effort a success, we're seeking donations of pallets, blankets, bedding, carpets, and any items that can help furnish our dog shelter and create a cozy environment for our dogs.


Blossom, Lyla, and Yasmina, found their forever homes thanks to your support and the incredible work of Ilana Strubel and the Rocket Dog Rescue organization. These dogs were rescued from the streets of Bethlehem a few years ago, and today they're thriving with their loving families in California.

Recently, these three families came together for a heartwarming reunion. The dogs had a blast playing, and their owners enjoyed each other's company, sharing the joy their furry friends have brought into their lives.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ilana Strubel, the Rocket Dog Rescue organization, and the wonderful families who opened their homes and hearts to these incredible dogs.

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