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Volunteering is now part of the academic program at the Bethlehem university

This Service-Learning project was conducted between February and April of 2023 under the supervision of Mr. Ramzi Asali within the English for Advocacy course of the English Department. The goal was to gain cooperative and communal recognition for AEA in the form of volunteer work by introducing the association to the student body of BU due to the overflowing number of Kanaani dogs in the shelter and on the streets, and the abundance of misconceptions and abuse towards them.

The implementation started with two visits were organized for dog-walking and volunteer-desensitizing; the initial comprised of the team members and the follow up included more participants from BU, preceded by a social media promotion of the activity on IG. Both trips were visually documented and compiled in a proposal file with data collected from an electronic interview conducted with Diana Babish, research on national and international animal welfare, an analysis of news reports on AEA and the state of Kanaani dogs, benefits and conditions of volunteer work at the shelter, and a request statement of a partnership between BU and AEA.

The goal was for AEA to enter in the curriculum's formally listed organizations that BU students are permitted to volunteer at with accredited hours in the Community Service course, alongside the provision of said document on the BU study-material platform for reference and an introductory lecture for Diana Babish at the beginning of the semester for those who enroll in the course. A meeting was conducted with the course coordinator, Mr. Elias AlHazin, to study the plausibility of this proposition after sending out our file.

This initiative succeeded and AEA was invited to fill out a registry form for its semestral inclusion, starting in Fall 2023.

Team members Muhammad Salah, Georgette Maskobi and Yasin Musah hold the initial version of the submitted proposal after its approval

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