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What we've been up to - June 3 to 10

Some very good news and some less good news this week...

Starting off with the good news: our five cats made it to the US! They are now in California, well looked after, and we are so happy for them - and so thankful for everyone who helped them get there.

Our boy Luca is also in the US! After 6 months in the shelter, he is now in New Jersey. He's flying to California tomorrow and will be fostered there. We have no doubt he will be adopted in no time.

And now, for the not so great news...

Just like people, some dogs just seem to be unlucky. Alvin left the shelter to move to a foster, then had to move to another one, and has now been at the vet clinic for a few days: he was not eating anymore and was generally looking very weak. He's had some blood tests done, we are waiting for the results. He will then need yet another foster family. We are very much hoping that this boy will get better soon and promptly be adopted.

One of our shelter dogs, Batilda, also had to spend some time at the vet as she had some issues with her stitches post surgery. She is recovering at Diana's for now and seems to be on the mend.

And then we helped a poor street dog get to the vet - he had been very badly beaten up. We are very sad to report that he did not make it. We know we can't save them all, but it breaks our heart every time. We had named him Juno, and we will keep him in our hearts.

Finally, we had to make a difficult but necessary decision.

The situation at the shelter is bad: we have way too many animals there to give them the care and love they need (about 90 dogs and 40 cats, when we can't house comfortably more than 40 dogs and 15 cats). As we rely solely on donations, our means are very, very limited. At this point, we feel like we have no choice: our priority must be the animals under our care. We want to focus on rehoming them, and while they wait, on giving them a better quality of life. This means that at this point, we can't take in any more rescue cases. We will still offer guidance to anyone who contacts us, but won't be able to help financially or to house the animals.

All right, that's it for this week!

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