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What we've been up to (May 27 to June 3)

Someone dumped four new born puppies in front of the shelter on Monday. They are absolutely tiny and require a lot of care and attention. We have tried to find people who could look after them as they need, but so far only one of them has found a foster home. For now the other three are with our worker, which is better than nothing but far from ideal as he has to take them with him to the shelter when he goes in - and their immune system is not built for that yet. We very much hope we can find them all homes where they can grow up safely. If you're interested, please contact us.

We were over the moon when someone offered to foster Alvin, our quiet and withdrawn boy. However after a couple of weeks, the foster unexpectedly and urgently had to move and could not take him along. After a few very stressful couple of days, someone volunteered to take him in and he's moved in with them on Friday. They will continue to help him grow and become the self-confident little dude he deserves to be, and he will then be up for adoption.

Our boy Dave (the puppy with the broken and poorly healed back legs) is being sponsored by another organization and will get surgery soon! He is in a foster home for now.

We were also busy prepping five cats and one dog who are flying to the US this week (paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!).

We are still looking for someone flying to Portland, Oregon or to Los Angeles: two of our dogs have a family ready to take them in, we just need to get them there now! So please spread the word and let us know if you have questions about the process!

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