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What we've done this week (May 20 to 27)

This week was yet another busy one.

Six of our shelter dogs have been neutered and chipped. All in all, we have about 90 dogs there at the moment, and we are working our way to getting them all sterilised (every dog that gets adopted gets neutered before hand, providing they are old enough).

All our dogs are vaccinated, and we have bought ticks and fleas repellant.

We rescued Lars, who you might have seen on social media: a young husky found in terrible shape (badly injured, covered in ticks and very emaciated). He is currently receiving veterinary care and we hope we can find him a foster family so he never has to set foot in the shelter.

Please contact us if you'd like to welcome him to your family!

We were notified about a female cat who had been run over by a car. It turned out she was heavily pregnant - sadly, the kittens did not make it out alive.

She is now receiving veterinary care for a broken hip.

We have named her Jess.

Finally, we received a call about a puppy who was being abused by children and could not walk properly.

X-rays have shown that the bones in his back legs are pretty much smashed. We are trying to find a sponsor for his surgery.

We have named him Dave.

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